Hydration is Essential to Athletic Performance

From http://sportscoachhub.com/

“If you have teenagers, you know that they’re probably the most hydrated age group on the planet. For some, drinking water becomes almost a fetish and certainly is a common teen affectation.

“Younger kids, however, will drink when they’re thirsty – sometimes not until they’re REALLY thirsty. They dutifully bring their water or sports drink bottle to practice and to games but rarely bother to use it. As soon it gets just a little bit tepid, they’ll have nothing to do with it.


“Not that you need one more thing to think about, but try to monitor how much they’re drinking during practice and games. With the heat of summer on the way, they’re going to lose more water through sweat and physical activity and need to replenish themselves.

“Dehydration is very common among kids playing youth sports, and they need to be aware of the importance of consuming fluids to keep themselves alert. According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, common symptoms of moderate dehydration include headache and lightheadedness as well as sleepiness and fatigue, all of which puts the player at risk of suffering a painful injury through not being sharp. They won’t see that baseball headed toward them, for example, or will twist an ankle from running awkwardly because they’re sluggish.

“Symptoms of severe dehydration can include rapid heartbeat and breathing, drop in blood pressure, among other severe concerns, all of which are very preventable with a bit of parental nudging to drink while on the bench.

“Coaches and parents should know – and watch for – symptoms of dehydration. We also need to know the basics of how to treat other common youth sports injuries. Which is why I was happy to find a new website from Safe Kids USA that offers some basic tutorials and instruction to help us prepare for safety concerns ranging from dehydration and heat illness to concussions. Check it out.”

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